Our Services

Services That We Can Provide To You

Telco Support

Radio Link
  •  Includes preventive and corrective maintenance, optional with SLA-based service
Power & M/E Infrastructure
  •  Covers BTS site maintenance includes periodical visit and on-call basis support
  •  Colocation tower construction & M/E support
  •  Grounding Improvement and Power Protection Consultations
  •  Air Condition system maintenance includes periodical visit and on-call support
Network Propagation
  •  Provide IT technical support to help the setting, configuration and accommodate the IT environment impact of a growing network

Security System

Security System
  • CCTV proposed with 24/7 monitoring system with other device
  • Provide System Alarm indoor and outdoor areas
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance equipment, optional with SLA-based service
Security System
  • X-ray baggage scanner;
  • Walk trough metal detector;
Security System
  • Mobile X-ray baggage scanner;
  • Face recognition system;

Rental Asset Base

Rental Asset Base
  • Notebook, printer, scanner with concept monthly charge at the minimum contract includes maintenance repair/replacement

Team Experiences

Trubaindo Coal Mining
▫ Project GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System
▫ Project UPS & Genset
▫ Project Fire Suppression
▫ Project Street Light
▫ Project Hazard/Warning Light
▫ Grounding Evaluations and improvements

Elitery Data Center
▫ Project Network Propagation

Faasri Distribution
▫ Project ITSM
▫ Project IT Engineer Outsource

▫ Project Power Management System

▫ Project Power System
▫ Support Project Tower Colocation Construction

▫ Sistem Aplikasi Tindak Lanjut Hasil Pemeriksaan (TLHP)

Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN)

▫ Support IT management Akademik

Kementrian Dalam Negeri (KEMENDAGRI)
▫ Pengadaan Annual Technical Support Aplikasi Biometrik KTP-el Tahun 2018

LPDUK Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga (KEMENPORA)
▫ Pengadaan Handy Talky ASIAN GAMES XVIII 2018


Several testimonials from customers who have used our services

Excellent experience. I have nothing but good things to say about CAF Technology and his friendly staff who are extremely knowledgeable around Software Development and Networking and Maintenance Support. Their work is amazing and their pricing is fair and consistent. I have had very good results with everything they have done for my business so far and will continue to work with them long term.