Amalia is an extension of the resource management application. This application was created to facilitate managerial worker resources. The available features are as follows:

  • Task Schedule

              To make the tasks that will be carried out by workers along with the time and placement.

  • Task Assignment

              To assign workers.

  • Task Monitoring

              To see the spread of workers by location.

  • Individual Report

              To see achivement of assigned assignments. 

  • Overall Report

              To see the status of tasks per workers.

  • Predictive Report

               To see the summary of tasks from various categories based on time and number of workers. 

  • Overtime

              - To make overtime submissions, overtime approval by supervisor and evaluation.

              - Calculation of overtime hours of workers.

              - Nominal calculation of overtime workers.

  • Chat

              To communicate directly with the admin/ operator.