List of products we use

IT Application

  • IT Service Management
  • Smart Event Management
  • Smart Content Display Management
  • Telco Power Management System
  • Ticketing & Billing System

M/E Infrastructure Product

  • Tower & Pole
  • Power System
  • Photo-voltaic System
  • Fire Suppression System

Fleet Management System

GPS Tracking

Integration of intelligence GPS Tracking product with UHF/VHF or Cellular based communication, to provide economical solutions anywhere in the world.
Product Option : Ces Wireless

Fleet Management Dashboard

Web-based application programming interface with software module in supporting GPS Tracking and fleet management system
Product Option : FleetWeb

ServersCheck & InfraSensing

Critical Facilities & Infrastructure Monitoring

With ServersCheck and InfraSensing get a complete, modular, scalable, open & affordable monitoring solution. It has been deployed by more than 8,000 companies and organizations around the world.

It can fit the needs of organizations of any size: from very small to Fortune 100 companies.

It's a complete solution.
ServersCheck offers a range of sensors under the InfraSensing brand. They can monitor the environment, power, security and industrial equipment. They are designed to be used inside critical facilities. The sensors connect to our base units. Base units operate as stand-alone units. No other hardware or software needed. However they can also be integrated with your Network Management Systems or Building Management Systems.

Optionally you can connect your sensors to our ServersCheck Cloud based or On-Premises Monitoring Platform.

It's a modular solution.
ServersCheck is like Lego: you only take the building bricks you need. You build your own sensor solution based on your requirements..

The foundation is a small base unit. To that unit you connect the sensors you need. Requirements change? No worries, other sensors can always be added later. Per base unit you can have up to 8 wired or 30 wireless sensors with the optional expansion hubs.

With ServersCheck you don't need to change the base unit when you want to add more sensors later: you just add an expansion unit!

It's also scalable: from XS to XXL.
Our solution is built on small, yet expandable, base units. Each base unit operates as a stand-alone unit. It has communication protocols embedded for integration. Via SNMP, Modbus or XML you can integrate it with your own Network Monitoring Platform, Building Management System (BMS). Or even build your custom app.

This makes it suitable for deployments of any size: from a very small deployment with a single base unit to very large deployments where you need to manage thousands of base units.

It's affordable.
The modular architecture makes the solution affordable for any type of organization. Monitoring just a single rack in a small server room, a big data center or thousands of remote sites? You can do it all with ServersCheck.

You only pay for what you need. We start with an inexpensive base unit. You add to it the sensors you need.

It's open.
The base units have different open protocols on board:
SNMP, Modbus TCP & XML

This enables you to integrate the sensors with network or building monitoring system supporting the open communication protocols.


Merupakan sarana komunikasi perpaduan kesederhanaan, optimalisasi dan efisiensi dari perangkat Handy Talky dengan memanfaatkan layanan system dan infrastruktur telepon selular.
Hal mana cakupan wilayah komunikasi secara geografis akan mengikuti jaringan infrastruktur operator telepon selular yang sangat luas dan tersedia baik outdoor maupun indoor.
Cafsky Handy Talky adalah cara yang sederhana dan unik untuk berkomunikasi secara langsung (instant), efisien dan efektif (always connected) serta satu kali tekan dapat berbicara dengan satu atau banyak orang.
Cafsky Handy Talky juga berfungsi seperti layaknya GPS, kita dapat mengetahui posisi dan juga dapat berfungsi seperti halnya normal mobile phone. pergerakan/perjalanan lawan bicara kita secara real time