CASKY Handy Talky Two Way Radio :

HANDY TALKY TWO WAY RADIO CAFSKY is one of our company's flagship products in the field of communication tools used in outdoor area. From the outside  maybe like HT in general, it's just that our product range is unlimited as long as it's still covered by the provider. Not only domestically, our devices can also be used across countries and continents.

Just press one push button, you can already communicate with the people you want. In addition, our devices can be grouped at will. One of our devices can enter 15 different groups / channels according to user needs. Our device is officially certified with a certificate number: 62812/SDPPI/2019 making it safe and legal to use.  Here are the advantages of our products compared to other HT:

  • Network Inteconection 2G / 3G / 4G LTE
  • GPS Tracking
  • Chanel Group
  • Maintenance

Security System :

Electronic security system refers to any electronic equipment that could perform security operations such as surveillance, access control, alarming or intrusion control to a facility or an area which uses power from mains and also a power backup like a battery, etc. It also includes some of the operations such as electrical, mechanical gear. The determination of a type of security system is purely based on the area to be protected and its threats, our products :

  • X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • Walk Trough Metal Detector
  • Mobile X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • Face Recognition System